Below are a few testimonials from students.

Phil Harris has assisted in their guitar development, grades, teaching diplomas, university modules and recording at his studio.

Mr & Mrs Haynes

As a family we can't thank Phil enough for all his help and the support he's offered over the last year. Having two boys who play guitar and want to do so professionally one day, one already studying Music at a Bristol University and the other just about to audition for a place at University, we were in urgent need of a guitar tutor who was capable of helping with their specific requirements. We were lucky to find Phil, who at short notice quickly understood what was needed and devised an intensive programme of lessons tailored to their individual needs. In spite of the huge amount of work ahead of them Phil's enthusiastic approach to teaching put them at ease and inspired them to work hard to achieve their goals. The good news is that Charlie is now in his second year after passing his exams and Tom has started his first year at his first choice university in London and their parents have let out a huge sigh of relief. They couldn't have done it without you Phil.

Chris Richards, Guitarist & Song Writer 

My whole guitar playing world changed when Phil introduced me to the harmonized major scale. I said to him “you what… you can play the major scale in chords”?!! Then he introduced me to the modes - which blew my mind - and have been the most important things I’ve ever learned. Since then I haven’t looked back and everything I play today can be traced back to the fundamentals I learned during the lessons I had with Phil.

Paul Harley, Business Director, Guitarist & Performer 

I have been having lesson with Phil for the last 3 years. Phil has taken me from grade three to Grade 8 in this time.I’ve had lesson with other tutors, however, Phil has a fantastic approach to teaching and can really get the best out of any student. What I like about Phil is he will always stretch you and push you to reach your potential whatever that maybe. Every time I have a lesson with Phil I want to give up my day job and play guitar fulltime, only because Phil makes the lessons stimulating and interesting. If someone asked me to recommend a guitar tutor whatever level I would recommend anyone who is looking to take guitar lessons should go to Phil.

Phillip Court, Music Teacher 

I have known Phil Harris many years professionally as he tutored my level 4 teaching diploma. After passing this course, thoroughly enjoying and understanding all key aspects taught by Phil. I then decided to take up guitar lessons with Phil. He is a great teacher, understanding the capabilities of all students and their needs. His lessons revolve around all the key areas of music and they are very informative and enjoyable. So far I have been very grateful for the help to develop myself as a musician and the guitar teacher. 

Rhys Evans, Songwriter
I’ve been having lessons with Phil for several years and cannot recommend him enough. He is highly knowledgeable with all aspects of the guitar and has the credentials that speak for themselves. He is a very patient teacher who makes learning the guitar fun and easy and is keen to develop the guitarist creative side. Over the years I have covered a broad range of subjects with Phil including, music theory, guitar exams, song writing and recording. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is serious about learning guitar in an enjoyable atmosphere.
The Border Reelers, Folk Band

The Border Reelers would like to say thanks for the really helpful professional service you gave us, great value for money and a great end product. We are extremely pleased with the quality of our recording and we have now posted all of the songs on our website. We will be in touch next time we need some recording doing.

Ben Roach, Guitarist, Songwriter & Performer 

For several years I received excellent guitar tutoring from Phil Harris, and strongly feel that there is not a more capable, enthusiastic or professional tutor around. During the tenure, and through Phil’s exceptional teaching, I was transformed from a complete novice into an accomplished guitarist in my own right. Aside from allowing me to attain a grade 8 certificate and, ultimately, a place at university, the skills I have acquired from Phil have also provided me with: a high level of confidence, the opportunity to perform with other musicians and as part of a band, a wide knowledge of the instrument and music theory, and hours of enjoyment. In every lesson I have received from him Phil provided first-rate teaching that was both highly informative and very enjoyable. Phil is an extremely friendly person with a keen sense of humour, and is a virtuoso guitar player who is able to transfer this ability across a multitude of genres. Given the fact that this expert ability is coupled with his vast knowledge of music theory, guitar theory and music in general, I cannot recommend Phil highly enough.

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